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|DiaR| Clan rules

Activity on TS3:
As a general rule, you should be on TS3 while playing, unless there is a good reason to not be there. Although you can not speak, you can still have a huge advantage of listening.

Inactivity without specifying the reason for absence :
  • 1 month (30 days) - 1 notice - contact the member to inquire about the status / reason for absence.
  • 2 months ( 60 days) - 2 notice - notice that after three months will be inactive .
  • 3 months (90 days ) - 3 warning - be inactive unless there is a good reason (requires half try- period to show that they are active )
  • 6 months (180 days) - 4 Final Notice - will be removed from our lists / permissions are deleted (requires new application and normal try- period).
If you are aware of when you will be away, please write it in the AWAY thread in the forum

Valid reasons for inactivity for long periods:
Military / Education
PC problems (network , power failures , defects )
Illness / Injury
Family ( has children , etc.)
For shorter periods ( <30 days) are all fine. Sign -away thread.

In the game
|DiaR| will not accept any kind of cheat , hacking or glitching in ANY game. This includes benefiting from other peoples actions on purpose.
If you are caught then you will be kicked from | DiaR | . And the information will be further arranges to be provisioned parties
Prefix DiaR be used when we play. If you see a | DiaR | Member without prefix , please give a friendly reminder.
Follow server rules
Use of macros are not acceptable (see ESL -regulations ) .
Organized " boosting " of the state ( statspadding ) will not be accepted in DiaR .
Organized and / or constant " Baseraping " should be avoided by all DiaR members. This gives us a bad name and kill the servers .
Harassment , racism and / or " foul language " will not be accepted (this applies to both written and oral).
Macro is not accepted.

When we play we who are starting to be available to communicate with each other (primary Voice, secondary text chat ). The preferred communication platform is currently Teamspeak 3
When multiple players , we try to play together even though some like INF and others like HW .
To safeguard |DiaR| reputation and avoid draining servers, repeated baseraping prohibited.
Respect other players. Do not test others.
DiaR members behave and play clean. So do not DiaR its name and reputation damage . Golden Rule. ONE SHOULD TREAT OTHERS AS ONE WOULD LIKE OTHERS TO TREAT ONESELF
DiaR members must abide by the server rules that the individual servers have . About this wrap can / will there be a penalty.