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|DiaR|-clan looking for motivated members for fun and matches in BF5!

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|DiaR| Clan Management
|DiaR| Clan Management
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|DiaR|-clan looking for motivated members for fun and matches in BF5!

Post by multiflex » 13 Dec 2018, 23:35

DiaR Clan is now recruiting!
Do you feel like you are on your own on the battlefield?
Would you like to play with a squad that actually tries to cover your back?
DiaR clan is based on fun-, fair- and team-play.
Our clan has been playing Battlefield actively since BF2, and we aim to keep this going with all future Battlefield titles as well.
We of course play & support other games as well, we have members playing multiple top-rated & popular community games.
Join us and help us grow up again so we can all together have some fun on the Battlefield!
The only requirements are: TeamSpeak 3 and basic English ;)
(And you are not allowed to have a cheating/glitching/hacking history on for example PBbans.)
Send your application here: Application Form
Download DiaR BF5 wallpaper:
Full HD version (1920 x 1080 px.): JPG (1,08 MB) - PNG (2,72 MB)
"4K" version (3840 x 2160 px.): JPG (2,68 MB) - PNG (8,47 MB)

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